For all the time, skill, thought & care that we put into our coffee inside our bags & cups, we thought it was about time we clean up our act on the outside of the bags & cups. It was fun to rock the heavily branded coffee market with blank bags 10 years ago when we started, but now with many blank subtly branded bag out there, our work is done & we’re ready for a new approach

Ta-daa! Kraft brown paper & feature our ‘Random Acts of Art project, where art can & will appear at random intervals on our takeaway cups, big bags, even…

…on our café wall. All in the spirit of keeping things interesting, fresh like the coffee harvests. This first artwork is from modern day Renaissance man Brett Chan, who’s future primitive style has been rocking our world. Check out Brett’s written word, murals, photography & film making, zines, clothing & most recently his music on

Our takeaway cups are at Sideshow, our 1kg bags are out & about at the awesome cafes we supply. If you like to order your very own 1kg bag check out our online shop here.