To keep the good stuff flowing, we’ll be raising prices from March 1st.

Simply put, our green coffee costs have doubled since January 2021.

Covid has created supply chain bumps, such as reduced ability to obtain pickers in a labour-intensive industry and increased freight costs, including a doubling and, in some cases, an increase of 10-12 times more in logistic costs.

However, it doesn’t end here for coffee – climate f**kery is hitting an already undervalued specialty coffee industry. Severe frosts and unseasonably heavy rains in Brazil have been on coffee’s centre stage, reducing harvest expectations, pushing up prices, and dialling up conversations about how much further coffee prices will rise. Predictions are another 50% by the end of 2022.

If the climate is changing, our commitment to specialty coffee is not. We’re continuing to go hard in sourcing and rewarding for quality, in celebrating craft and taste, in delivering top-notch service, and in taking speciality coffee’s challenges to heart and trying to make sh*t better.

Product Size RRP RRP As of 01/03/2022
Blenda, killerbes, reservoir,paradex, yeehah 250g $16 $18
Blenda, killerbes, reservoir,paradex, yeehah 1kg $52 $60
Decaf 250g $18 $20
Decaf 1kg $61 $65