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The only thing better than one of our products is two or three or four of them. We have bundled up our best brews for you here, and some other stuff you’ll love (take our word for it.)

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Single Origin Coffee and Ode Grinder equipment bundle

Ode to Origins

from $580.00
Coffee beans blend taster sample box for espresso latte lovers

Blend Taster Box

Coffee drip bags 10 pack filter parachutes with Gesha and Colombian Single Origin beans

Multichutes Mixed Box

Multichutes Party Box

Multichutes Party Box

Triple O

Triple O

Barista traveller pack

Barista Traveller Pack

Killer coffee combo by Single O

Killer Combo

Killerbee 250g + Haonga 250g $33 / Killerbee 1kg + Haonga 250g $68
Single Origin cold brew

Stone Cold Origins

Baristas drinking espresso coffee from Linea Mini machine

Linea Massive - La Marzocco Linea Mini

from $6,748.00
Aeropress, Porlex Mini II hand coffee grinder and micro scales gift bundle.

Aeropress Play (with scales)

Coffee chocolate gift pack with coffee, chai, tea and drinking chocolate

Wishful Drinking

Cookie heads up! If we could we’d call ‘em biccies & we’d be dunking ‘em in coffee, but sadly these bad boys are virtual & non-edible.
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