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Blendrunner is favourite for home espresso & milky coffee lover: you'll receive a delivery of a different blend each fortnight, rotating through Reservoir, Paradox & Killerbee.

All our 5 blends Killerbee, Reservoir, Yeehah!, Paradox & Decaf are also available as recurring purchases. 

Plus, the Linea Massive is a home-barista's dream.

Blendtopia Subscription

Blendtopia Subscription

Blend Taster Box $68 / Lighter Side Box $68 / Darker Side Box $68 / Mix up with Decaf Box $68
Killerbee Single O Coffee Beans Blend


250g $18 / 1kg $60
Blend Coffee Beans Paradox by Single O


250g $18 / 1kg $60
Single O Coffee Blend Yeehah


250g $18 / 1kg $60
Reservoir coffee beans blend flagship cafe coffee blend for espresso and filter.


250g $18 / 1kg $60
Dacaf coffee beans

Decaf Blend Coffee

250g $20 / 1kg $65
Baristas drinking espresso coffee from Linea Mini machine

Linea Massive - La Marzocco Linea Mini

Cookie heads up! If we could we’d call ‘em biccies & we’d be dunking ‘em in coffee, but sadly these bad boys are virtual & non-edible.
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