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Brew on the fly! The Single O Parachute is a pre-filled drip coffee bag, or ‘hanging ear drip coffee bag’, as it’s known to some in Japan. Single O ‘Chutes - O for Origin, ‘Chutes for Parachutes - are about cutting to the chase of specialty coffee. These are coffee drip bags that enable a fuss-free & delicious brew when travelling, working, at home not wanting to wake the baby with the grinder & so on.

Coffee is roasted, ground & pre-weighed with the patent Single O obsessiveness & pre-filled into handy-as bags. Nitro-flushing provides a 3 month shelf life (if your stash lasts that long).

Coffee drip bags 10 pack filter parachutes with Gesha and Colombian Single Origin beans

Multichutes Mixed Box

Multichutes Party Box

Multichutes Party Box

Cookie heads up! If we could we’d call ‘em biccies & we’d be dunking ‘em in coffee, but sadly these bad boys are virtual & non-edible.
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