The Chemex is a pour over coffee method that uses a thick bonded paper filter. This filters out the coffee sediment leaving a bright flavor and light body in four minutes or less.


Chemex, filter paper, 25g coarsely ground coffee, scales, kettle & a spoon.

  1. Open up filter paper. One side will be 1 ply, the other will be 3 ply.
  2. Rinse filter paper with hot water, this will also heat your brewer.
    Discard water after it has drained.
  3. Pop 25g of coarsely ground coffee into the filter paper.
  4. Pour 75g of hot water over coffee.
  5. Stir gently with a spoon.
  6. Add 200g of hot water & wait 20 secs.
  7. Add 125g water & let it drain.
  8. Total brew = 4 mins.
  9. Pour, drink & enjoy!