Beans & Parachutes: Milky Bundle

Beans & Parachutes: Milky Bundle

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“Havin’ that with Milk?” Get a 10 Pack of our Chute Blend Parachutes®, and your choice of 250g of any of our 4 current coffee blends - with a tidy 10% off. 

Our Chute Blend is our latest Single O Innovation. When we discovered that 25% of our Parachute customers take their coffee with milk, we set out to make them a specialty blend that’d sing with a splash of milk, dairy or otherwise. It took us a few goes and a lot of trial-and-error, but the result is truly magical: a filter coffee blend that’s made for milk! 

As well as a 10 Pack of our Chute Blend Parachutes, you’ll get to choose 250g of any of our 4 current coffee blends. These babies are our pride and joy; We go to great lengths - Africa, the Americas and everywhere in between - to select the best recent harvests and carefully blend them to the desired taste profile.