Beans & Parachutes: Washed Bundle

Beans & Parachutes: Washed Bundle

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This bundle comes with a 10 Pack of our current Washed Process Feature Origin Parachutes, along with 250g of Reservoir whole bean.

Washed coffees refers to coffees that have been washed to remove the encasing fruit before drying. The process differs from country to country, but on a basic level, the beans are slowly separated from the coffee cherry using friction, fermentation & water. Washed coffees tend to have clean, bright clarity.   

Reservoir embodies our love of well-structured coffees & has been the pride of our café on Reservoir Street since 2003. Featuring washed process coffee from East Africa it's best suited to espresso lovers, plunger & stovetop drinkers. 


We spent 2 years perfecting Single O Parachutes®They’re specialty-grade, pre-filled coffee drip bags. Now fully compostable!

We fill our Parachute drip bags with what convenience brands wouldn’t - really high-grade coffees. In fact, Chutes get the same lovin as our café stash; Specialty sourcing, tonnes of tastingtweaking, and expert roasting. With Parachutes, we also go to town on nailing the right grind, and nitro-flushing to the highest standardSo your Chutes are brew-ready with peak flavour, and will stay that way for three months.

Parachutes are made to brew on the fly. Hang the pre-filled bag over your cup, pour hot waterand cut to the chase of specialty coffee. Awesome brews now happen on road trips, picnics, in beach shacks and bush cabins. On film sets and building sites. In the office for fast but furiously good coffee. And at home, for lazy Sunday mornings and silent brewing (hello earlybirds, flatmates and newborn parents)Plus Chutes are a pantry essential we saybecause you never know when Adventure might drop in. 

No siree, we weren’t setting foot into the single serve category without a waste solution. It took the better part of two years to create the 
first fully compostable drip coffee bag, for disposal in your home compost or FOGO collection. The thing we love most about this compostable coup is that it gets the coffee grounds along with the filter bag into compost, the place where they should be. 

We’ve also offset the emissions generated by the production and delivery of Parachutes, so you can rest assured they’re carbon neutral. 

The planet priorities don’t stop there; Via our 1% for the Planet membership, your chute purchase gives back to some incredible enviro organisation partners. 

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