Clever Coffee Dripper (large 2 cup)

Clever Coffee Dripper (large 2 cup)

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For lovers of a bigger bodied filter coffee, we present the Clever Coffee Dripper.

- Equipped with a valve that allows you to keep your brew from dripping down, until you activate it by setting upon a cup.

- This full-immersion dripper tends to produce the bold, full-bodied coffee you’d get from a plunger with the clarity & control of pour-over coffee.

- Super easy to use and easy to clean making it a cracker for the home user upgrading from plunger.

- Made from PBA free plastic.

- Filters not included. For best results, we recommend using the Moccamaster no 4 paper filters.

Want coffee to brew with your Clever Dripper?

Here's a recipe to suit our Single Origin Coffees:

1. Weigh 13g of coffee (ground to suit batch brewer).

2. Put your filter paper in the brewer, rinse and drain.

3. Add your ground coffee.

4. Pour 200ml of hot water off the boil. We find that pouring slowly and steadily in a swirling motion from a spouted kettle works best.

5. Let the coffee steep for 2 minutes (the longer, the more intense the flavour will be).

6. Sit the clever dripper onto your cup to release the brewed coffee.

Why Single O loves the Clever Coffee Dripper:

Using the Clever Coffee Dripper for this particular coffee, it brought out the jasmine florals. The longer contact time balanced the brew with sweetness and highlighted the jasmine and citrus more than other filter methods we played around with. For those wanting to capitalise on a bolder brew with the clever, a slightly higher dose of 13g coffee will provide more impact. - Tobias Poiner, Single O Head Trainer.

Recommended Accessories:

- Brewista Goose Neck Electric Kettle.

- Hario Buono Kettle.

- Scales from Hario and Lunar.

- Hario Glass Coffee Server 600 ml.