Colombia COE #3 El Paraíso Gesha Parachute - Single

Colombia COE #3 El Paraíso Gesha Parachute - Single

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Colombia COE #3 El Paraíso Gesha Parachute - Single is unavailable

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1 x Parachute of Colombia El Paraiso Gesha Cup of Excellence #3.

Also available as a 5 pk.

The ‘just add hot water’ way to make specialty coffee.
Coffee is roasted in small batches, then ground and nitro-flushed to give you up to three months of delicious freshness. It’s then weighed with our signature obsessiveness and pre-filled into handy little bags we call Single O Parachutes. Now all you need is a mug and boiling water.


Jasmine florals, bergamot citrus, bergamot citrus, peach, raspberry & peach, raspberry & lingering sweetness.






Buesaco, Nariño


John Gomez


What happens when the Gesha variety, known for its heady floral allure, is in the hands of passionate, 3rd generation Colombian coffee farmer, John Gomez? This spellbinder! The Cup of Excellence (the Oscars of coffee) Colombia 2020 jurors were taken too, with El Paraiso placing 3rd in one of the hottest coffee comps going. John is driven by the positive results & impacts on coworkers, derived from hard work & constant effort at improvements. This comp win has seen him set more high goals with a view to market worldwide. We’re chuffed to share it with you in our Heroes Series.