El Naranjo Pura Cepa, Colombia

Single Origin El Naranjo Pura Cepa Colombian Coffee

El Naranjo Pura Cepa, Colombia

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Orange, strawberry & tropical punch




Carbonic Maceration


Villamaria, Caldas


La Maria Estate


1800 m


The word sustainability is tossed around lots but Pura Cepa are the real mccoy. Their innovative approach sees them achieve longer term higher incomes for producers, lowered costs, diversification of crops & increased cash flow. One of their key levers is the application of science for processing, to control the coffee’s flavour. This newest batch comes from the original Pura Cepa site in Colombia. We’ve chosen a Carbonic Maceration lot, a technique borrowed from Beaujolais where cherries are loaded into steel tanks, inoculated with esther yeasts & lactic bacteria, to delicious effect!


We’re loving this as an espresso, but if it floats your boat as filter, great!


For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas) 

DOSE: 20g
YIELD: 50g
TIME: 22 sec


And here you go filter fiends

V60: 15.5g / 250g / 2:35 mins / 98°

Batch: 62 g/L or 75g / 1.2L

N.B. Created on commercial equipment but will translate for quality home equipment. Questions? info@singleo.com.au


Pura Cepa was created with the objective of establishing a sustainable model in the communities where we work and challenging the status quo in the coffee industry; this model must be social, environmental and economic in order to have the impact we wish to make. 
Currently in Colombia, in our farm La María we are carrying out our standardized processes with our own coffees, processes such as Carbonic Maceration, Naturalis and Aqua Cherry. These processes have been meticulously developed by biological engineers, taking advantage of the same microorganisms that we find in coffee and its environment; this to achieve repetitive and controllable results. 
This project is based on the transformation of coffee with a scientific and innovative sense, we do not improvise in our processes and this is reflected in our constant results. First of all, we work hand in hand with the community where we establish the project; in this case in Colombia, we are in Villamaria, Caldas; in the heart of Colombia and in a region that has historically been a coffee producer, the Colombian coffee axis. 
To begin to fulfill our objective as Pura Cepa, our first step was to meet with the coffee growers of the area adjacent to our La María farm; they are usually producers that have an average of 2 to 4 hectares of coffee and that sell in the local market at prices established by the New York Stock Exchange. We meet with them and propose that we buy their cherry coffee at a jointly established price and a higher percentage of the local market; we reach an agreement on the price and quality of the cherry they have to deliver.  

The benefits for the coffee growers are several, such as: 

  • Reduction of costs since they do not have to process their coffee (Water, Electricity and labor) 
  • Increased cash flow since they do not have to wait up to 4 weeks until the coffee is dry. They don't have to depend on bank credits to pay for coffee pickers at the beginning of the harvest. 
  • Opportunity for crop diversification; coffee processing takes a lot of time and labor that doesn't let producers do anything else 
  • Fixed and high income over time, as it is specialty coffee and we are not influenced by local prices. 

On top of that, we have built a close relationship with the coffee growers, who are also our neighbours in La Maria and we wanted to be an essential part of the community, so this last December we made a small meeting to strengthen those ties and not only be a buyer but an ally.This is the beginning of what will be a great work in Villamaría.