Firecracker Launch Edition

Firecracker Launch Edition

Firecracker Launch Edition

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Explosively Juicy Berries & Sparkling Citric Acidity. 爆発的にジューシーなベリー、弾けるようなシトラスの酸味


Wahana Natural SUMATRA, Gedeb ETHIOPIA, Karogoto KENYA, La Florida COLOMBIA


Cold brew, chilter, cold drip, filter -you name it! 爆発的にジューシーなベリー、弾けるようなシトラスの酸味


Crack into this bright blend of lively origins, created in collaboration with our Sydney roasting team. “Firecracker” is our tribute to the high-energy Summer Festival, where we welcome our ancestors & share shave ice amongst street parades, bon odori & a good hour or two of night-stopping firecrackers. So enjoy the vivacious spirit of Matsuri in each cup. 個性的なオリジンを集めたこの鮮やかなブレンドは、シドニーのロースターチームとのコラボレーションによって生まれました。“Firecracker”ブレンドは、祖先を敬い、かき氷を分け合いながら道を歩く、そして夜には盆踊りや花火を楽しむ夏祭りシーズンへの贈り物です。それではカップに現れる“祭”のような賑わいをお楽しみください!

FAM roast (Our acronym thingy for ‘For All Methods’) is how we roll, meaning you can use any coffee from Single O for any brewing method, ranging from your filter through to your espresso, unless from time to time when we recommend something specifically for espresso only or for filter only, and we’ll let you know.

For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas!) 

DOSE: 20g
YIELD: 53g
TIME: 26 seconds


N.B. Created on commercial equipment but will translate for quality home equipment. Questions?