Freewheelin' 18

Freewheelin' 18

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Sparkling fruity booze, blackcurrant, kiwi & vodka cranberry


Korongo, Tanzania
Mykaigera, Kenya


In the words of our artist (and actual 18-year-old) Rylie Sinclair, our 18th is all about “that wild and free feeling; wind blowing through your hair and not a care in the world”. Sure, there’s a bit of fear and trepidation as we enter this strange new world of adulthood. But, as we reflect our experiences of the past, those worries fade away as we ‘freewheel’ into an endless horizon. For our 18th birthday we’re taking you along for the ride. Buckle up.


Filter, cold brew, all-nighters, carefree adventures, wild rides into the sunset.


For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas) 

DOSE: 20g
YIELD: 59g
TIME: 25 sec

And here you go filter fiends

V60: 15g / 250g / 2 mins 30 secs / 98°

Batch: 60 g/L or 72g / 1.2L

N.B. Created on commercial equipment but will translate for quality home equipment. Questions?

Also available as Freewheelin Chutes.

Whilst we can't celebrate our 18th IRL with you, we can virtually!

Help us get the party started & add your tunes to collaborative this playlist. Dive deep into those blurry d-floor memories & share a few songs that make you feel 18 again.