Ilomba Tanzania Parachutes®

Coffee drip bags by Single O

Ilomba Tanzania Parachutes®

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Single O Parachutes® - the ‘just add hot water’ way to make specialty coffee.
Coffee is roasted in small batches, then ground and nitro-flushed to give you up to three months of delicious freshness. It’s then weighed with our signature obsessiveness and pre-filled into handy little bags we call Parachutes. Now all you need is a mug and boiling water.

Nothing to do with OutKast, Haya was the name of the tribe in Tanzania that coffee can first be attributed to in the 16th century. What followed was decades of German, then British Colonial rule and the kind of coffee not touted by specialty roasters. However in recent years, smallholder growers in Southern Tanzania have been showing us what quality can emerge from high altitudes, cold nights & careful growing & processing. The Ilomba Best AMCOS Farmer Group is a prime example. We hope you love the first of our 2021 Tanzania offerings & keep an eye out for a few more gems to come.

TASTE:  Pink grapefruit, bergamot & black tea
VARIETY: Kent/ Typica/ Bourbon
ORIGIN: Mboze, Songwe
ALTITUDE: 1700m +

Featured in our Multichutes Mixed Box.