Jose Herrera, PERU

Jose Herrera, PERU

Jose Herrera, PERU

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Orange marmalade, cola & creamy vanilla pudding






Huabal, Cajamarca


Jose Herrera


1700 – 1900 m


This Peruvian pudding comes courtesy of Jose Herrera & his farm in Huabal, Cajamarca. The plot is super close to a waterfall called Chorro Blanco & is the last coffee farm before the forest. Jose is a promising producer & we’re pumped to be featuring his coffee again… You might remember we tipped him as a rising star of speciality coffee last year, & we reckon he’s really upping the Andes.

FAM roast (Our acronym thingy for ‘For All Methods’) is how we roll, meaning you can use any coffee from Single O for any brewing method, ranging from your filter through to your espresso, unless from time to time when we recommend something specifically for espresso only or for filter only, and we’ll let you know.

It's a mouthwatering coffee as a spro, filter and even with a bit of milk 

DOSE: 20g
YIELD: 59g
TIME: 26 seconds


N.B. Our espresso recipes are created on commercial equipment with 20g baskets. If you’re using a smaller or larger basket at home simply use the ratio of Dose:Yield to determine a starting point for your home brews. e.g. a recipe with a 20g dose and a 40g yield is a ratio of 1:2. If you’re using a 15g dose you can scale your recipe down to the 1:2 ratio for a 30g yield. Questions?