The Killer Combo

The Killer Combo

The Killer Combo

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What’s better than a fresh bag of our Killerbee blend? A bag of that sweet nectar plus a delicious single origin is what (plus buying ‘em together means a cheeky discount)!

This bundle of beauties features your main Killerbee squeeze plus the equally delicious Gatuya AA Kenya as your little bit on the side.

Paired here not just for thrift related reasons but also ‘cause they both pay homage to honey in their own way. Killerbee's all cosy honeycomb n caramelised sweetness, while the Gatuya's more bush honey vibes with a raw, lively & complex natural sweetness. Brewing is bee-lieving, so get in & get tasting.

For our "Killer Combo" deal we rotate the single as fresh harvests come in, so you’ll never get bored of your daily brew if you commit to this bundle on the reg. Killin’ it.