Konga Ethiopia Washed Parachutes

Konga Ethiopia Washed Parachutes

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For our Feature Origins, we select the best from our current single origin line-up to turn into a delicious Chute.  

How good is it to be catching up with Konga again? If you're new to it, here's what you can expect. Konga is a revered Ethiopian coffee, produced near the town of Yirgacheffe (another name which sends coffee lovers weak at the knees). The Konga Co-Op's been going since 1975 and is home to nearly 4,000 members. They're growing a vast mix of Ethiopian Heirloom varieties, which thrive at the region's high altitude and earn their distinctive flavours from natural cross-pollination. You'll be conjuring up visions of this sprawling wonderland with each cup. 

Best served black, with a nice view on chilly winters day. 


TASTE: Lemon, Lime & Earl Grey
PROCESS: Washed 
ORIGIN: Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
PRODUCER: Konga Cooperative 
ALTITUDE: 1800-2100m 


Rip: Gently tear along perforation  

DripHang on cup & fill n’ drip 3 times (200ml) with water just off the boil. No stress, 'Chute your shot but take a bit longer allowing 3-4 minutes brew time for this one.

SipEnjoy the great coffee you just landed

NB: We're continually tweaking, evaluating and improving our Parachutes so we can bring you the very best specialty coffee experience. For Ethiopia Konga Washed, to get the same delicious tasting coffee, we've extended this particular brew time to 4 minutes (slightly longer than our standard 2 min Chute brew). 

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