La Sinchama, PERU

La Sinchama, PERU

La Sinchama, PERU

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Complex tropical flavours of orange, honey & mango


Red/yellow bourbon




San Ignacio, Cajamarca


Julio Requejo Agular




If you cut us, we’d bleed coffee. Not just ‘cause it’s our biz but, it’s made its way from our veins to our DNA. In a similar way, Aroma del Valle, a producer group from Northern Peru shows us how coffee can change lives from the inside out. The quality of this cup reflects the collective’s belief in the transformative powers of coffee. Through the development of a top-notch product, producers like this gain economic, social & personal growth. Coffee's our shared life-blood.

We’re loving this as an espresso, but if it floats your boat as filter, great!

For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas!) 

DOSE: 20.5g
YIELD: 57g
TIME: 25 seconds


N.B. Our espresso recipes are created on commercial equipment with 20g baskets. If you’re using a smaller or larger basket at home simply use the ratio of Dose:Yield to determine a starting point for your home brews. e.g. a recipe with a 20g dose and a 40g yield is a ratio of 1:2. If you’re using a 15g dose you can scale your recipe down to the 1:2 ratio for a 30g yield. Questions?