Natural Selection Blend

Natural Selection Blend

Natural Selection Blend

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Blueberry jam, shiraz & chocolate ganache


La Paz, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia


Marco Navarro, Julio Blandon & Jorge Arias via Delagua Coffee Project


Sink your teeth into this juicy blend! The innovative folks at DelAgua are adapting to water scarcity in the otherwise perfect coffee growing environment of Santa Marta (beaut soil & great elevation) by adopting low-water usage natural processing. And what they’ve saved in water, they’ve gained in unexpected tastes & better prices for local producers. We’ve slurped & selected our favourite lots here, a mix of untamed flavours suited to espresso & filter. 

We’re loving this as an espresso, but if it floats your boat as filter, great!

It's a mouthwatering coffee as a spro, filter and even with a bit of milk 

DOSE: 20g
YIELD: 54g
TIME: 17 seconds


N.B. Our espresso recipes are created on commercial equipment with 20g baskets. If you’re using a smaller or larger basket at home simply use the ratio of Dose:Yield to determine a starting point for your home brews. e.g. a recipe with a 20g dose and a 40g yield is a ratio of 1:2. If you’re using a 15g dose you can scale your recipe down to the 1:2 ratio for a 30g yield. Questions?