Ribang Gayo SUMATRA NATURAL Parachutes

Ribang Gayo SUMATRA NATURAL Parachutes

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The ‘just add hot water’ way to make specialty coffee.
Coffee is roasted in small batches, then ground and nitro-flushed to give you up to three months of delicious freshness. It’s then weighed with our signature obsessiveness and pre-filled into handy little bags we call Single O Parachutes.
Now all you need is a mug and boiling water.

Both washed & natural processing are pretty rare in Indonesia; the 'wet-hulled' process is the region's standard signature. So we jumped at this new fully natural offering from Asman Arianto Ribang, founder of the Gayo Musara Cooperative. Along with it being a fresh take on Sumatran coffee, this is quality through and through; Asman is big on rigorous training, meticulous cherry selection, plus pays coop members higher prices for cherry & delivers end of season profit sharing. Little wonder coop members have doubled production yields in just 5 seasons.

TASTE: Melon, Mango & Lime
VARIETY: Abyssinia / Ateng
PROCESS: Natural
ORIGIN: Aceh Tengah
PRODUCER: Musara Cooperative
ALTITUDE: 1500-1700m