Single Parachutes

Single Parachutes

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Want to try Parachutes but not sure which one to go for?

Grab a single 'chute with your order. Easy!

Prefer your coffee black? Choose from our latest single Origin coffee's, washed or natural in processing. Milky lover? Try our Chute Blend, it's great with a splash of milk or black. 


Aricha Ethiopia, Washed (Currently OOS)
Chelichele Ethiopia, Natural 
Chute Blend


1. Rip: Gently tear along the perforation

2. Drip: Hang on your favourite cup & fill n' drip 3 times (155ml) with water just off the boil (splash some milk if you like!)

3. Sip: Drink an epic cup of coffee, consistent and super convenient 

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