Sugarplum That's-A-Wrap Edition

Sugarplum That's-A-Wrap Edition

Sugarplum That's-A-Wrap Edition

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Raisin & redcurrant, orange marmalade & golden syrup


Kirinyaga KENYA, Nariño COLOMBIA, Guji Natural ETHIOPIA

ONE MORE THING: Like matching ribbon to paper, only harder, Sugarplum combines our best origins of the year in the best possible combo. Here’s our deliciously fruity, Christmassy as always, 2017 edition. It was even voted favourite at Single O’s recent all-staff meeting, now that’s a bunch you can trust. So fill up your hopper or a coffee-lover’s stocking. Thanks for a cracker year!

FAM roast (Our acronym thingy for ‘For All Methods’) is how we roll, meaning you can use any coffee from Single O for any brewing method, ranging from your filter through to your espresso, unless from time to time when we recommend something specifically for espresso only or for filter only, and we’ll let you know.


For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas!)

DOSE: 21g
YIELD: 46g
TIME: 31 seconds


N.B. Created on commercial equipment but will translate for quality home equipment. Questions?