Sum of All Parts Bundle (with a sweet saving)

Sum of All Parts Bundle (with a sweet saving)

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Reservoir: Ripe stone fruits, vibrant acidity & structured finish.

Tanzania Korongo: Sticky sweet mandarin & rooibos tea.

Reservoir:  Guatemala, Santa Rosa & Tanzania, Korongo
Tanzania Korongo: Mbozi, Mbeya, Mbinga


Reservoir, or ‘House Blend’ as it was fondly known in our café back in 2003, was first blended together with Marcala Honduras, Sidamo Ethiopia and Aifu Timor to achieve a taste profile of ripe stone fruits, vibrant acidity & structured finish. Many moons and origins have passed, but that dynamic taste profile, ideal for milk, plant milk and black coffees, remains the same.

Reservoir’s newest blend component is Tanzania Korongo, farmed by many small-scale producers across a network of washing stations and coops in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands who process & dry their coffee on their farms. Korongo showcases the incredible flavour of this region (bright juicy, sweet and lively citrus and caramel) and keeps Reservoir sparkling. And it’s a star on its own, in both milk and black methods.

Our Sum Of All Parts Bundle celebrates both blends and single origins. Enjoy!

SUITED TO: Shots, double shots, accurate dosing, cold brew storage, filter.


DOSE: 21g
YIELD: 50.5g
TIME: 28-30 sec

Tanzania Korongo

DOSE: 21g
YIELD: 44.5g
TIME: 28-30 sec


And here you go filter fiends, Tanzania Korongo goes well as:

V60: 15.5g / 250g / 2 mins 10 secs / 95°

Batch: 61 g/L or 73g / 1.2L

N.B. Created on commercial equipment but will translate for quality home equipment. Questions?

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