Wahana Estate Sumatra Natural Parachutes

Wahana Estate Sumatra Natural Parachutes

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The ‘just add hot water’ way to make specialty coffee.
Coffee is roasted in small batches, then ground and nitro-flushed to give you up to three months of delicious freshness. It’s then weighed with our signature obsessiveness and pre-filled into handy little bags we call Single O Parachutes.
Now all you need is a mug and boiling water.

Wahana Estate is one of the biggest coffee estates in the region & happens to also have one of the biggest hearts. These guys are doing just about everything they can to support their farmers – housing, free healthcare & education, a safety program & a support centre. Wahana also put a lot of love into their natural processing (which is tricky in the Sumatra rainy season). Cherries are spread on shaded patios for 2 days, then put in mechanical dryers to mimic hot dry nights over a 2 week period. We’re feeling the love for this fruity & sweet natural!

TASTE: Orange marmalade, chocolate & hazelnut
VARIETY: Bourbon/Typica
PROCESS: Natural
ORIGIN: Sidikalang, North Sumatra
PRODUCER: Wahana Estate
ALTITUDE: 1300-1500m

Featured in our Multichutes Mixed Box.